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Can you tell me more about Sindy’s history?

- Sindy was born / launched in late 1963 by Pedigree Dolls and Toys Limited, and she quickly became the most loved doll of the times. With her girl next door features Sindy could be found with a variety of hair colours and outfits, some even designed by the leading designers of the times such as Mary Quant. In 1986 Pedigree joined with Hasbro to support the International sales of Sindy and as a consequence, Sindy’s body and face shape changed to look slimmer and older. In the late 1990’s Sindy returned to Pedigree and was licensed to Vivid Imaginations where she continued to be made available in many different roles, although her appearance had changed again. In 2003 Pedigree took back all the licensing rights for Sindy and an exciting new development programme began. From being based on a 30 year old, Sindy is now modelled on a 15 year old with a gorgeous young look and the focus on her being ‘just like me’ for the girls that are playing with her.

Are you going to re-release a Vintage Sindy doll?

- We have been asked to remake a classic Sindy doll and the opportunities and difficulties are being discussed by our design team.

When will new Sindy dolls and products be available?

- There will be new Sindy dolls and playsets, and other Sindy products added to the site regularly over the next few months.

Who are Sindy’s friends?

- Sindy's friends are Mya, Lilli and Emma. The girls have all got very different characters but they are all best of friends and do all the things other girls like to do! To learn more about them go to www.sindy.com

Why is Sindy available in two different sizes?

- Sindy dolls are available in both 6.5” and 10.75” size. The 6.5” dolls are designed for girls aged 5 years and upwards, with a focus on Sindy being a mini version of themselves. The petite dolls come with beautifully detailed fashions and accessories, and all of them have a gift for the girl in pack!

The 10.75” dolls are used in both the Homeplay and Fashion segments. The homeplay area is based on traditional home and role play designed especially for pre-school girls aged 3 to 5 years, who often copy the activities they see their mum and big sister do. This larger doll is great for little hands to put Sindy to bed, and also older girls who love to dress their dolls up.

What is the ‘Ultra flexible body’?

- The Sindy dolls featured in the Homeplay and Fashion section have the Sindy Ultra Flexible body. This is a specially designed body that allows Sindy to be placed in very natural and lifelike poses, which are generally unachievable by other dolls on the market.

What is the web address to Sindy’s official site?

- Sindy’s official website is www.sindy.com where you will find games to play, cards to send, Sindy’s very own diary and you can also join the Sindy club!

Where can I get Sindy wallpaper for my computer?

- Sindy computer wallpaper is available to download for free at www.sindy.com

I live outside of the UK, can I still make a purchase on this site?
- For details of delivery to any country outside of the UK, please visit our contact page and we will quote shipping for you. Charges are based on weight so we need to know what items you would like to purchase. We are able to send Sindy items Worldwide!
How can I contact Sindy?

- Unfortunately Sindy does not have her own email address, however any questions or news for Sindy can be sent to info@sindy.com

Where can I buy extra clothes for my Sindy doll?

- Unfortunately at the moment there are no extra clothing sets available within this Sindy range.


Where can I buy or sell old Sindy Dolls?

- You can find collectable Sindy products by clicking on this link.



Where can I buy the new Sindy Annual?

- You can find the new Sindy annual by clicking on this link.


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